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Being one of the most important banks in the country, Good Finance has more than 80 years of history and its experience is based on commitment and responsibility towards the client. A leader in Personal Payday loans in the country, Good Finance is able to offer all the best interest rates and terms, prioritizing respect and transparency, as well as providing a differentiated and excellent service.


Among the main values ​​that guide Good Finance are: Quality, Agility and Simplicity; Transparency and Respect; Teamwork and Responsibility; High performance;

Public Personal Payday Loan and Personal Payday Loan INSS

Public Personal Payday Loan and Personal Payday Loan INSS

The Personal Payday loan is an excellent option to help you re-plan your financial life, keep your bills up to date or have a great dream come true. Especially designed for retirees, INSS pensioners and public servants, the rates are small and the installments are fixed, always debited from their benefit or salary. In addition, depending on the public agency you work for, BMG gives you up to 60 months or up to 84 months to pay. Safety and tranquility for your life! You can simulate your payday loan right now, at no cost and without commitment!

An easy credit line for financing commercial and residential furniture, with the following characteristics:

  • Credit limit of up to 50% of the property value conditioned to evaluation;
  • It is not necessary to be an account holder of Good Finance or to carry out the anticipation of fees;
  • Agility in the release of credit and facilitated evaluation;
  • Availability of dispatcher offered by BMG to verify the collection of all necessary documentation, without the incidence of additional fee;
  • Period of up to 15 years for total payment of the credit line.



Bank facilitated credit for clients that prioritize speed and convenience. Know some advantages and characteristics:

  • Credit with hiring for a 24-hour network terminal or through the Business Center;
  • Follow-up of the ticket directly through the internet through the Easy card number and password;
  • Request of the Easy Card through the Bank website, being another convenience for the client.

Good for Credit, always looking for the best payday loan options for you!


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